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If the alarm does respond to text messages sent by sms to the alarm unit’s phone number, where the message starts with the pin code of the alarm unit, you are likely to have the correct phone number and pin code for the alarm unit.

If it does not work in the app it is probably due to an error in the alarm profile or that the alarm unit lacks a correctly entered alarm receiver. If one digit ore character is wrong the app cannot communicate with the alarm unit since all communication goes through our server.

Go to Settings/Alarm profile and check the entered data:

  • Name: your choise but use only a - z, i.e. no special characters
  • Phone number: the same number as you sent the text message by sms to
  • Pinkod: the same number as in the text message you sent to the alarm unit by sms
  • Serial no: the alarm units serial number that you have received from us by email. It is 22 digits and should be entered without any spaces. You can also find the serial number on the device and on a card that is included in the box.
  • Email: the email adress you registered for the alarm unit and that you use when logging in on our web site. The app is case sensitive so it must be entered exactly the same way as you entered it in the registration form.

Go to Settings/Alarm receivers and check the entered data:

The numbers must be entered as international numbers i.e. they must start with a + sign and the country code. There should not be any spaces between the digits and no 0 (zero) between the country code and the first nonzero digit of the cell phone number.

Example: a Swedish cell phone number 0708-12 34 56 is entered as +46708123456

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