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The battery lifetime seems to be too short on my alarm?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The alarm unit is made for continuous external power of 12 - 24 V to keep the internal battery fully charged at all times.

The battery life is a compromise between the particularly GPS performance and service life of the internal battery. If the alarm is difficult to calculate their position due to weak GPS signals, it may need to seek longer or may not manage to get enough data from the satellites to calculate their position at all and then consumed more power.

Power consumption also depends on hardware model, conditions in the alarm units environment and how often the alarm unit is contacted.

  • Normally the battery life on the internal battery is a few days up to a week in normal mode, i.e. when the alarm is not triggered.
  • When the alarm is triggered it goes into a power saving mode. The alarm unit can report for up to 14 days, depending on the situation and on how often it is contacted.
  • The alarm unit can also be put into low power mode by using a remote control, e.g. during the winter, in which case the alarm unit only needs to be recharged every 6:e to 10:e week.

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