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Why do I receive false moving alarms?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Falsely triggered moving alarms are often due to problems with the signals from the GPS satellites, resulting in wrong positions being reported by the alarm unit. This can be due to bad weather, atmospheric disturbances, military presence in the area or if the conditions for the signals between the alarm unit and the satellites are not optimal. The alarm unit should be placed so that other electronics or cables do not interfere with it and so that it is not shielded on any side by metal. Some geographic areas have bad GPS reception which also can lead to falsely triggered moving alarm. If you have recurring problems with falsely triggered moving alarms, we recommend you review the alarm placement.

When you get a moving alarm, please ask the alarm unit for a new position 10 – 12 minutes later, to see if the alarm unit is back to its real position. The alarm unit gets a new position from the GPS satellites approximately every 10 minutes.

If the conditions for the communication between the alarm unit and the GPS satellites are as good as they can get, and you still have problems with recurring false moving alarms, please contact our Support Center.

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